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Austin Blum comes to a small Wyoming town looking for work and to reconnect with his cousin Hunter. He soon finds that Hunter's criminal actions have drawn a great deal of unwanted attention. 

Before long, Austin is being pursued by law enforcement and a deadly corporate cover-up. Rural life clashes with high-technology as Austin seeks to clear his own name and deliver justice.


Filmed in Dubois, Wyoming in May 2014.  Produced in association with Waterproof Pictures and Steeltown Entertainment.


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Johnston Photo

"A super solid thriller! 

Feels like early Christopher Nolan with a dash of Darren Aronofsky."

 - Readers Unlimited

O.P.I.S. (Our Place In The Stars)

OPiS is centered around 4 scientists who are developing a next generation neurally linked virtual reality system, but in the process expand their perceptions of reality, and in doing so may have found the next step in human evolution.  


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